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I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Health and Exercise Science - Health Promotion. I choose the degree because it most interested me, not because I knew what I would use it for. Most people with this degree go into corporate health, program planning, or personal training. I always said: "I don't think I will ever be a personal trainer but we'll see where I end up!"

A few years later, I ended a relationship that was planned to move into marriage, and found myself at the beginning of my own 'inner journey' - trying to figure out what in myself I was running from and why I had been a compulsive dater since high school. 

I ended up applying to Gold's Gym for the front desk (since that type of position typically has a high turnover, which would enable me to have an easy exit strategy for when I move elsewhere which I guessed would be within a few months). Management called me back promptly and asked if I would consider personal training? Sure, why not?

It took me six months to become confident with my new position and I soon found such joy and enjoyment with working with my clients as they achieved their fitness goals. Slowly I started to notice that some clients needed more time and attention for form and body movement, some needed more health coaching and nutritional information, and others just needed to vent their life challenges and have someone listen and provide feedback or support. I worked at Gold's for nearly three years when I left to move to Guatemala for Spanish School (then returned back to work at the same gym again a handful of years later). What I walked away with was an inkling of what I would like to do...something that deals with clients individually or in deal with nutrition and health, healing and soul...

After living in Central America (and becoming only proficient at best at Spanish), I attended my first Vipassana 10-day meditation course in New Zealand. I began meditating daily and with many modalities. Next, I earned my 200YTT Yoga Certification at a yoga school in Australia. I continued to delve deeper into spiritual growth and learning and trusted that my journey would lead me somewhere, just still was not quite sure where yet. 

A handful of years later while living in New York City, I was in a coaching/therapy session working into "what do I want to do and how can I incorporate all my passions and certifications into one place?" My provider suggested that I consider going to school for Life Coaching or getting a Master's in Counseling. She imagined that this might give me a suiting foundation base that I could then tie in and add the other certifications and experience I've gathered over the years. YES! What a great idea. 

Within one year I had moved back to western Colorado. I applied and was accepted into Newfield, an internationally renowned life coaching school in Boulder. I also decided to become a TRE (Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises) Practitioner and attended a certifying course in Phoenix, AZ. Luckily both schools had in class learning as well as at distance learning. 

I have been in the health field since 2007, a Personal Trainer since 2011, a Yoga Instructor since 2016, practicing and teaching meditation since 2016, a Life Coach since 2018, a TRE Practitioner since 2018, and a soulful human since 1986 (ha).

I am trilled that the journey has led me to Inner Alignment Coaching and all the avenues that we can explore together under this umbrella. 

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